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Question 1: The biosynthesis of coumarin in plants is via hydroxylation, ________ and cyclization of cinnamic acid.
GlycolysisCarbohydrate metabolismMetabolismGluconeogenesis

Question 2:
What is Coumarin also known as?
Methyl -ethyl ketone, 1-phenyl-3-butanone

Question 3:
What is the chemical name of Coumarin (IUPAC)

Question 4: Cinnamic acidsCinnamaldehydesMonolignolsCoumarins________StilbenoidsFuranocoumarin

Question 5: It has clinical medical value as the precursor for several anticoagulants, notably warfarin, and is used as a gain medium in some ________.
Dye laserTunable laserLaser pumpingRhodamine 6G

Question 6: It has a sweet scent, readily recognised as the scent of newly-mown ________, and has been used in perfumes since 1882.
HayCattleFodderEquine nutrition

Question 7: European health agencies have warned against consuming high amounts of cassia bark, one of the four species of ________, because of its coumarin content.
Cinnamomum aromaticumTeaSpiceCinnamon

Question 8: Coumarin is often found in ________ products and artificial vanilla substitutes, despite having been banned as a food additive in numerous countries since the mid-20th century.
Tobacco productsTobaccoNicotianaTobacco smoking

Question 9: Several of the above compounds are used as anticoagulant drugs and/or as ________.
Aluminium phosphideVitamin K antagonistPindoneRodenticide

Question 10: [6] According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, 1 kg of (cassia) ________ powder contains approximately 2100 to 4400 mg of coumarin.
TeaSpiceCinnamonCinnamomum aromaticum


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