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Question 1: Christmas and Easter costumes typically portray mythical characters such as ________ (by donning a santa suit and beard) or the Easter Bunny by putting on an animal costume.
Santa ClausFather ChristmasChristmas EveChristmas worldwide

Question 2: Examples of such are a Scotsman in a ________ or a Japanese person in a kimono.
Black tieTrousersKiltNational costume

Question 3: Animal costumes which are visually very similar to mascot costumes are also popular among the members of the ________ where they are referred to as fursuits.
Albedo AnthropomorphicsSamuel ConwayFurry conventionFurry fandom

Question 4: Mardi Gras costumes usually take the form of jesters and other fantasy characters, while Halloween costumes traditionally take the form of supernatural creatures such as ghosts, vampires, pop culture icons and ________.
ArchangelAngelMichael (archangel)Jesus

Question 5: ________ or regional costume expresses local (or exiled) identity and emphasises a culture's unique attributes.
National costumeTaqiyah (cap)SarongFlip-flops

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