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Question 1: In this episode, Kramer is preoccupied by the fact that despite having slept with many women, he has never gotten a woman pregnant, and he consults a doctor about his ________.
CondomSemenSemen qualitySemen analysis

Question 2:
Where does Cosmo Kramer live?
Luther's Corners, IL 61324
453 Maple Avenue
Apartment 5B

Question 3:
What episode number was Cosmo Kramer?
21 & 22
A Hero Sits Next Door

Question 4: Kramer's conversation often contains ________ or nonsensical sounds, difficult to transcribe, in order to emphasize an emotional point or describe earlier actions.
Cross-linguistic onomatopoeiasFrogEnglish languageOnomatopoeia

Question 5:

Question 6: George finds out his unusual first name through an encounter with Kramer's long estranged mother, Babs (played by ________), in the season six episode, "The Switch".
KojakThe Fugitive (TV series)Sheree NorthCBS

Question 7: It falters because of a dispute between Kramer and Poppie over whether ________ can be pizza toppings ("The Couch").

Question 8:
What is Cosmo Kramer also known as?
William H. Nutsack, William H. Hutsack
H. E. Pennypacker
El Ingeniero; El H

Question 9:
Who of the following was a child of Cosmo Kramer?
Andrew Montour, possibly others
possibly Hangul
2 possibly, both female, names unknown
None confirmed, possibly one with Noreen

Question 10: He worked part-time as a department store Santa before being fired for spreading ________ propaganda to young children in "The Race".
Communist stateCommunismSocialismMarxism

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