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Cosmic consciousness: Quiz


Question 1: Sometimes this is conceived as forming a collective ________ which spans the cosmos,[1] othertimes it is conceived of as an Absolute or Godhead from which all conscious beings emanate.
Gottfried LeibnizHenri BergsonIdeaConsciousness

Question 2: Some pantheists believe either that the Earth is a conscious entity (see ________), or that the universe as a whole is conscious, or both.
EcologyBiosphereGaia hypothesisEcosystem

Question 3: According to ________, as man evolves into higher states of consciousness, e.
P. D. OuspenskyG. I. GurdjieffFourth WayRussia

Question 4: It is also reminiscent of ________'s collective unconscious[3].
Sigmund FreudCarl JungAnalytical psychologyJungian archetypes

Question 5: Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind is the title of a 1901 book by ________.
OntarioCanadaRichard Maurice BuckeEngland

Question 6: Cosmic consciousness is the concept that the ________ exists as an interconnected network of consciousness, with each conscious being linked to every other.
RedshiftUniverseBig BangTime


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