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Cosmic Wheels (1973 album): Quiz


Question 1: Donovan agreed, and the resulting song helped propel ________ to #1 in the US.
Billion Dollar BabiesSchool's Out (album)Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies (song)

Question 2: The Cosmic Wheels sessions were recorded in Morgan Studios in London, ________.
WalesEnglandScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 3: While Donovan was recording Cosmic Wheels, ________ was recording their 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies in the same studio.
Eric SingerAlice CooperSchool's Out (song)Kip Winger

Question 4: In the UK at that time, glam rock ruled the top of the charts, defined by bands and artists such as T. Rex, ________, and David Bowie among others.
Eric SingerAlice CooperSchool's Out (song)Billion Dollar Babies

Question 5: Alice Cooper guitarist Michael Owen Bruce suggested asking Donovan to sing co-lead on the title track with ________ (who later took the name Alice Cooper for himself).
Billion Dollar BabiesSchool's Out (song)Alice CooperEric Singer

Question 6: In hopes of fomenting success, Donovan brought in ________ to share the producer duties on his next album.
Peter Grant (music manager)Mickie MostThe Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck

Question 7: Cosmic Wheels is the tenth studio album, and eleventh album overall, from Scottish singer-songwriter ________.
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (song)A Gift from a Flower to a GardenThe Hurdy Gurdy Man (album)Donovan


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