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Cosmetics in Ancient Rome: Quiz


Question 1: Bathing in asses’ milk was an expensive treatment that worked like a chemical peel and was used by wealthy women such as ________ and Poppaea Sabina.
Ptolemy XIII Theos PhilopatorPtolemy I SoterPtolemy II PhiladelphusCleopatra VII

Question 2: ________ women tended to avoid cosmetics with the belief that they should praise what God gave them.
ChristianChristianityJesusCatholic Church

Question 3: ________ were also against the use of cosmetics, as they were opposed to the usage of all man-made luxuries.

Question 4: ________ wrote that eyelashes fell out from excessive sex and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity.
Roman NavyPliny the ElderRoman EmpireCastra

Question 5: ________ wrote that “a woman buys scents and lotions with adultery in mind” and mocked the need for cosmetics, believing that they were ineffective.
TacitusDomitianRoman EmpireJuvenal

Question 6: [6] They would beautify their mistresses with cultus, the Latin word encompassing ________, perfume and jewelry.
L'OréalCosmeticsNiveaHair removal

Question 7: [13] The Romans found it especially inappropriate for an emperor to be vain, as was apparently the case with the Emperor ________.
OthoAugustusGalbaRoman Emperor

Question 8: [17] Despite a widespread knowledge that ________ and red lead were poisonous (and still are to this day), they were both still used extensively.

Question 9: Cosmetics, first used in ________ for ritual purposes,[1] were part of daily life for women, especially prostitutes and the wealthy.
Ancient RomeClassical antiquityRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 10: [28] Deodorants made from ________, iris and rose petals were common.


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