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Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany: Quiz


Question 1: Her face is still familiar to many because of her solemn and distant portraits by ________.
PontormoGiorgio VasariAlessandro AlloriBronzino

Question 2: Among his many accomplishments was the creation of the ________, originally intended to house the government, now one of the world's great art galleries.
FlorencePalazzo PittiUffiziFlorence Cathedral

Question 3: In 1569 he ________ elevated him to the position of a Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope Pius VPope Pius X

Question 4: He also finished the ________ as a home for the Medici and created the magnificent Boboli Gardens behind the Pitti.
UffiziFlorencePalazzo VecchioPalazzo Pitti

Question 5: Cosimo was also an enthusiast of alchemy, a passion he had inherited from his grandmother ________.
Cesare BorgiaPope Alexander VIBianca RiarioCaterina Sforza

Question 6: With this move he firmly restored the power of the Medici, who thereafter ruled ________ until the death of the last of the Medici, Gian Gastone de' Medici, in 1737.

Question 7: In June 1537 Cosimo was recognized as head of the Florentine state by the ________ Charles V, in exchange for help against France in the course of the Italian Wars.
Charles IV, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman EmpireLouis IV, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman Emperor

Question 8: She provided the Medici with the ________ and seven sons to ensure male succession and four daughters to connect the Medici with noble and ruling houses in Italy.
Boboli GardensUffiziFlorencePalazzo Pitti

Question 9: Don Pietro de' Medici (June 3, 1554 – April 25, 1604)
murdered his wife ________ because of infidelity
Medici porcelainEleonora di Garzia di ToledoGiovanni de' Medici (cardinal)Villa Medici at Cafaggiolo

Question 10: When the Florentine exiles heard of the death of Alessandro, they marshalled their forces with support from ________ and from disgruntled neighbors of Florence.
CanadaItalyFranceUnited Kingdom


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