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Cortes Generales: Quiz


Question 1: The frequent payoffs were the ________, grants of autonomy to the cities and their inhabitants.
FueroSpainBasque Country (greater region)Reconquista

Question 2: The Second Spanish Republic was established as a presidential republic, with an unicameral Parliament and a President of the Republic as the ________.
Head of stateUnited KingdomMonarchyMonarch

Question 3: However, due to many problems (mainly illiteracy of the people) ________ was not ready to become a republic; after several crises the republic collapsed, and the monarchy was restored in 1874.

Question 4: A remarkable deed is ________, allowing women to vote, a provision highly criticized by socialist leader Indalecio Prieto, who said the Republic had been backstabbed.
Women's suffrageRacismUniversal suffrageSlavery

Question 5: The king had the ability to call and dismiss the Cortes, but, as the lords of the Cortes headed the army and controlled the purse, the King usually signed ________ with them to pass bills for war at the cost of concessions to the lords and the Cortes.
Kyoto ProtocolEuropean UnionTreatyEurope

Question 6: There was little democracy during this period, but there was the possibility of ________, where only the family heads (term that included, anyway, married women) allowed to vote.
Elections by countryReferendumBy-electionUnited Kingdom

Question 7: However, they had some power over economic and American affairs, especially ________.
Tax havenIncome taxTaxExcise

Question 8: The Cortes has power to enact any ________ and to amend the constitution.
LawScots lawShariaXeer

Question 9: Then, in 1936, the Army's failed coup degenerated into the ________, putting an end to the Second Republic.
Spanish Civil WarFrancisco FrancoPOUMSpanish Civil War, 1936

Question 10: The Cortes are a bicameral parliament composed of a lower house (Congreso de los Diputados, congress of deputies) and an upper house (________, senate).
Italian SenateBicameralismSpanish SenateBelgian Senate

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