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Corselet: Quiz


Question 1: A corselet or corselette is a type of foundation garment, sharing elements of both ________ and girdles.

Question 2: [2][3] In the 16th century, the armour included a solid breastplate and ________, and sometimes also included a gorget, tassets, full arm coverage, or gauntlets.
Backplate and wingBuoyancy compensator (diving)RebreatherDiving weighting system

Question 3: The term originated by the addition of the diminutive suffix "________" to the word corset.
English languageDiminutiveSwedish languageGerman language

Question 4: A corselet was released by Warner's in 1955, named after ________, a 1905 operetta that has been adapted several times into feature-length films.
The Merry Widow (ballet)LondonThe Merry WidowDer Graf von Luxemburg

Question 5: The term can also describe a piece of body ________ for the torso, usually consisting of a breastplate and a back piece.
Mail (armour)CuirassArmourPlate armour

Question 6: The Darby translation[1] of the first ________ mentions this style of armor by name, while others simply refer to it as a "coat of mail".
Books of SamuelBooks of ChroniclesBook of GenesisBooks of Kings

Question 7: The corselet as an item of women's clothing began to gain traction in 1914, as a substitute for wearing two separate pieces (a ________ with either a girdle or a corset).
BikiniUndergarmentSlip (clothing)Brassiere

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