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Corsac Fox: Quiz


Question 1: The Corsac Fox is the same size or slightly smaller than the ________, with larger ears, shorter muzzle, and longer limbs.
Red FoxBobcatCoyoteRaccoon

Question 2: They are omnivores, eating small animals, birds, reptiles, ________ and plants.

Question 3: For a fox, it has small teeth and a wide ________.
BoneHead and neck anatomySkullHuman skull

Question 4: [2] It is found in large areas of central Asia including northern ________, northeast China, Kashmir, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
Central Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNATONon-Aligned Movement

Question 5: The Corsac Fox (Vulpes corsac), also known as the Steppe Fox, is a medium sized Asiatic fox species spread throughout the central steppes of ________.

Question 6: They sometimes feed on carrion and ________.

Question 7: It often buries its prey, such as ________, in caches.

Question 8: This fox lives in the steppes and semi-desert of central and northeast ________.


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