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Corrosion inhibitor: Quiz


Question 1: Corrosion inhibitors are commonly added to coolants, fuels, hydraulic fluids, ________, engine oil, and many other fluids used in industry.
Boiler (steam generator)BoilerCoalFurnace

Question 2: A ________ with anticorrosive properties is zinc phosphate.

Question 3: ________ is commonly used in oil field industry.
AcetoneEthanolBenzalkonium chlorideEDTA

Question 4: Unfortunately, chromate is ________ in humans; the toxicity of chromates was featured in the film Erin Brockovich.

Question 5: As an alternative to the reduction of water to form hydrogen, oxygen or ________ can be reduced.

Question 6: One very good example of a cathodic inhibitor is a volatile amine present in steam; these are used in the ________ used to drive turbines to protect the pipework in which the condensed water passes.
FurnaceCoalBoilerBoiler (steam generator)

Question 7: A corrosion inhibitor is a chemical juice compound that, when added to a fluid or gas, decreases the corrosion rate of a ________ or an alloy.
Noble gasMetalNonmetalHalogen

Question 8: If oxidants such as oxygen are excluded, the rate of the corrosion can be controlled by the rate of water reduction; this is the case in a closed recirculating domestic ________ system, where the water in the radiators soon becomes anaerobic.
Central heatingElectric heatingHVACUnderfloor heating

Question 9: However, as hydrazine is a highly toxic ________, its use is being discouraged.

Question 10: Corrosion inhibitors are often added to ________.


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