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Question 1: It can apply to both metals and non-metallic materials, in both the presence and lack of ________.

Question 2: Factors such as relative size of anode (smaller is generally less desirable), types of metal, and operating conditions (temperature, ________, salinity, etc.) will affect galvanic corrosion.
Water vaporPrecipitation (meteorology)HumidityWind

Question 3: Mechanisms which break polymer chains are familiar to biologists because of their effect on ________: ionizing radiation (most commonly ultraviolet light), free radicals, and oxidizers such as oxygen, ozone, and chlorine.

Question 4: Because of their large molecular weight, very little ________ can be gained by mixing a given mass of polymer with another substance, making them generally quite difficult to dissolve.
Statistical mechanicsThermodynamicsEntropyGibbs free energy

Question 5: Sulfate-reducing bacteria are common in lack of oxygen; they produce ________, causing sulfide stress cracking.
Carbon monoxideHydrogen sulfideNitrous oxideNitric oxide

Question 6: Stainless steel can pose special corrosion challenges, since its passivating behavior relies on the presence of a minor alloying component (________, typically only 18%).

Question 7: Passivation in air and water at moderate pH is seen in such materials as ________, stainless steel, titanium, and silicon.

Question 8: Exposure to a liquid metal such as mercury or hot ________ can often circumvent passivation mechanisms.

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  Rust, the most familiar example of corrosion.
  Titanic's bow exhibiting microbial corrosion damage in the form of 'rusticles'
  Galvanized surface
  Titanic's bow exhibiting microbial corrosion damage in the form of 'rusticles'

Question 10: Microbial corrosion, or bacterial corrosion, is a corrosion caused or promoted by ________, usually chemoautotrophs.


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