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Question 1: Once seated in this chair, a canopy is held over the monarch's head for the ________.
ChrismAnointingOrthodox ChurchCoronation

Question 2: [16] More commonly, a king's wife is crowned as ________, though the husband of a queen regnant is never crowned.
EmperorDukeQueen consortPrince

Question 3: The last Anglo-Saxon monarch, Harold II, was crowned at ________ in 1066; the location was preserved for all future coronations.
Bath AbbeyWestminster AbbeyEly CathedralSt Augustine's Abbey

Question 4: [5] The first such coronation was of Henry II of England and ________ in 1154; seventeen such coronations have been performed, including that of the co-rulers William III and Mary II.
Mary Tudor, Queen of FranceMary, Queen of ScotsBlanche of CastileEleanor of Aquitaine

Question 5: The Lord Great Chamberlain presents the spurs,[23] which represent ________.
Holy GrailGawainKnightChivalry

Question 6: The Barons of the ________ also participated in the ceremony.
New RomneyKentDeal, KentCinque Ports

Question 7: It corresponds to coronation ceremonies that formerly occurred in other European monarchies, which have currently abandoned coronations in favour of inauguration or ________ ceremonies.
EnthronementPapal CoronationChrysanthemum ThroneDragon Throne

Question 8: The monarch additionally swears an oath to preserve Presbyterian church government in the ________.
Church of ScotlandHistory of ScotlandScottish ReformationScottish Episcopal Church

Question 9: Lord Wakehurst's Long to Reign Over Us, Chapter Three: The Coronation, from The Royal Channel, ________.
Google searchYouTubeGoogle VideosGoogle

Question 10: The most oft-used piece is Zadok the Priest, a religious composition by George Frideric Handel based on texts from the ________.
Nevi'imBibleBiblical canonChristianity and Judaism


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