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Question 1: Although blood fills the chambers of the heart, the muscle tissue of the heart (the ________) is so thick that it requires coronary blood vessels to deliver blood deep into it.
Cardiac muscleSkeletal muscleExtrafusal muscle fiberSmooth muscle

Question 2: This leaking of blood to the left atrium is known as ________.
Mitral regurgitationAortic valve stenosisMitral stenosisAortic insufficiency

Question 3: These relatively narrow vessels are commonly affected by ________ and can become blocked, causing angina or a heart attack.
AtherosclerosisHypertensionAtheromaCardiovascular disease

Question 4: If one coronary artery is obstructed by an ________, the second artery is still able to supply oxygenated blood to the myocardium.
Abdominal aortic aneurysmAtheromaAtherosclerosisAortic dissection

Question 5: Coronary circulation is the circulation of blood in the blood vessels of the ________ muscle.
Lymphatic systemTorsoHeartCirculatory system

Question 6: (See also: ________.) The coronary arteries that run deep within the myocardium are referred to as subendocardial.
HeartCirculatory systemMyocardial infarctionFetal circulation

Question 7: The vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood to the myocardium are known as coronary ________.
Arterial treeSystemic circulationArteryBlood vessel

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