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Question 1: The indie rock band ________ covered "Corona," with mariachi horns in the style of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," on their 2004 EP Convict Pool.
Carried to DustCalexicoGarden RuinAerocalexico

Question 2: "Corona" is a song by American punk/alternative trio Minutemen from the album ________, which was composed by the band's lead singer and guitarist D. Boon.
MinuteflagDouble Nickels on the DimeMinutemen discographyMike Watt

Question 3: The song was inspired by a day trip the band members (Boon, bassist ________, and drummer George Hurley) had taken to Mexico on the Fourth of July, 1982.
Double Nickels on the DimeMike WattIggy PopMinutemen (band)

Question 4: In contrast to the more frantic hardcore punk tempos of the day, "Corona" uses an almost ________-like country swing rhythm for the song.
Hip-hop dancePolkaFolk danceViennese Waltz

Question 5: The intro and outro of the song was used as the theme for the radical ________ stunt show Jackass and its spinoff movies; the soundtrack to the first also features the full version of the song.


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