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Question 1: On December 26, 2004, one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern history, the ________, struck off the western coast of Sumatra (Indonesia).
2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeCountries affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeMalaysiaMaldives

Question 2: The Coromandel Coast is home to the East Deccan dry evergreen forests ________, which runs in a narrow strip along the coast.
EcoregionNatureNatural environmentEcology

Question 3: The land of the ________ dynasty was called Cholamandalam in Tamil, literally translated as The realm of the Cholas, from which Coromandel is derived[1 ] [2] [3].
Gupta EmpirePala EmpireChola DynastyMaurya Empire

Question 4: The topography of the Bay of Bengal, and the staggered weather pattern prevalent during the season favours northeast monsoon, which has a tendency to cause ________ and hurricanes rather than a steady precipitation.
Tropical cycloneMesoscale convective systemSevere weatherCyclone

Question 5: "The Courtship Of The Yonghy-bonghy-bo" by ________ is set on the Coast of Coromandel.
Alfred, Lord TennysonEdward LearNonsensePoetry

Question 6: The iconic red nail lacquer made by ________ is named coromandel for its suggestions of exoticism..
ChanelParisLouis VuittonHermès

Question 7: The Coromandel Peninsula in ________ was named after one of these ships, and the town of Coromandel, New Zealand - after the peninsula.
United KingdomAustraliaNew ZealandNauru

Question 8: Another research shows that the coast along the ________ country was called Cholamandalam which was later corrupted to Coromandel by the Europeans [4].
Maurya EmpirePala EmpireChola DynastyGupta Empire

Question 9: The Coromandel Coast falls in the ________ of the Western Ghats, and receives a good deal less rainfall during the summer southwest monsoon, which contributes heavily to rainfall in the rest of India.
Orographic liftPrecipitation (meteorology)Oceanic climateRain shadow


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