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Cornett: Quiz


Question 1: To avoid confusion between this instrument and the more modern ________ (with one t), the cornett is often called by its Italian name, cornetto or cornetto curvo (to distinguish it from the straight cornett).
TromboneCornetTrumpetBrass instrument

Question 2: Historically, the cornett was frequently used in consort with ________ (2 cornetts, 3 sackbuts), often to double a church choir.
TromboneJoseph HaydnTrumpetSackbut

Question 3: The Baroque era was relatively tolerant of bright or extroverted tonal quality, as the surviving ________ of the time attest.
Classical musicOrgan repertoirePipe organOrgan (music)

Question 4: Giovanni Bassano was an example of a virtuoso early player of the cornett, and ________ wrote much of his resplendent polychoral music with him in mind.
Andrea GabrieliGiovanni GabrieliClaudio MeruloAdrian Willaert

Question 5: Cornetts were used to reinforce the human voice in choirs, and many commentators suggested that the sound of a well played cornett, heard at a distance, could be mistaken for a "choice ________".
CastratoFalsettoFachBel canto

Question 6: Johann Sebastian Bach, ________ and their German contemporaries used both the cornett and cornettino in cantatas to play in unison with the soprano voices of the choir.
Antonio VivaldiBaroque musicGeorge Frideric HandelGeorg Philipp Telemann

Question 7: Extant cornetts at ________
United StatesMetropolitan Museum of ArtWestern paintingMuseum of Modern Art

Question 8: Usually the cornett is octagonal in cross-section, and it is wrapped in ________ or parchment, with the fingerholes penetrating this cover.
LeatherWoolLeather skirtButton

Question 9: As a result of the recent ________ movement, the cornett has been rediscovered, and as before attracts the finest players.
Historically informed performanceBaroque musicJohann Sebastian BachClassical music

Question 10: As a result of its design, the cornett requires a specialized ________ which is, initially, very tiring to play for any length of time.
Cor anglais (English horn)ClarinetEmbouchureOboe

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