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Cornet: Quiz


Question 1: The cornet is a ________ very similar to the trumpet, distinguished by its conical bore, compact shape, and mellower tone quality.
Brass instrumentTromboneAlto hornTuba

Question 2:
Which of the following are related to Cornet?
* Trumpetn* Flugelhornn* Bass Trumpetn* Flumpet
* Trumpetn* Cornetn* Bass trumpetn* Flumpet
*Violn*Bass guitarn*Acoustic bass guitarn*Electric upright bass
* u0110u00E0n bu1EA7un* Duxianqinn* Ektaran* Tea chest bass

Question 3:
What mountain range is Cornet a part of?

Question 4: Olu Dara, jazz musician and father of noted rapper ________.
Foxy Brown (rapper)Jay-ZNasKanye West

Question 5: Dave Douglas, New York based jazz musician and composer, with a long association with ________'s Masada.
Naked City (band)John Zorn discographyJohn ZornRadio (Naked City album)

Question 6: The modern day cornet is used in brass bands, ________, and in specific symphonic repertoire that requires a more mellow sound.
Marching bandTimpaniSchool bandConcert band

Question 7: Digby Fairweather, jazz artist and leader of the Digby's Half Dozen, frequent accompanists to Paul Jones and the late ________
Bessie SmithNorman WisdomEnglandGeorge Melly

Question 8: Other influential jazz cornetists include King Oliver, ________, Ruby Braff and Nat Adderley.
Hoagy CarmichaelBix BeiderbeckePaul WhitemanBenny Carter

Question 9: Philip Cobb, solo cornetist of the Hendon Band of the Salvation Army, and Joint Principal Trumpet of the ________.
Colin DavisLondon Symphony OrchestraBBC Symphony OrchestraLondon Philharmonic Orchestra

Question 10: The most common cornet is a ________ in B.
Modern musical symbolsTransposing instrumentClefLedger line


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