Cornerback: Quiz

Question 1: When this occurs, the safeties and ________ usually cannot return to their zone obligations in time, especially if they were anticipating a run as the play began.
LinebackerPunter (football)Center (American football)Defensive end

Question 2: A cornerback's skillset typically requires proficiency in anticipating the ________, backpedaling, executing single and zone coverage, disrupting pass routes, shedding blockers, and tackling.
QuarterbackDefensive tacklePunter (football)Center (American football)

Question 3: The rules of American professional football and American ________ do not mandate starting position, movement, or coverage zones for any member of the defense[2][3].
College basketballBowl Championship SeriesCollege footballCollege soccer

Question 4: The ________ (Two) is popular among defensive coordinators in the National Football League because it implements two safeties to defend the deep routes instead of one.
Chicago BearsNew England PatriotsSan Diego ChargersFootball coverage shells

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