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Question 1: Such devices are often used as ________ targets or markers and are often employed on ships and, especially, lifeboats; Francis Rogallo invented a target kite incorporating corner reflectors.
Weather radarX bandRadarUltra high frequency

Question 2: Arrays of corner reflectors are used in ________ and bicycle tail lights.
ThrottleDisc brakeAutomobileVacuum servo

Question 3: NASA has put several corner reflectors, known as the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment, on the ________ for use in laser interferometry to measure the Moon's orbit more precisely than was possible before.
MoonGanymede (moon)Mercury (planet)Io (moon)

Question 4: In optics, corner reflectors typically consist of three ________ or reflective prisms which return an incident light beam in the opposite direction.

Question 5: This effect was put to use on the ________, a small missile which had the same radar cross section as a B-52.
CIM-10 BomarcADM-20 QuailAGM-28 Hound DogLGM-30 Minuteman

Question 6: In ________, such prisms are commonly used as targets for long-range electronic distance measurement using a total station.
SurveyingCivil engineeringInventions in medieval IslamDam

Question 7: ________ with balconies are often accidental corner reflectors for sound and return a distinctive echo to an observer making a sharp noise, such as a hand clap, nearby.
ApartmentTower blockHigh-riseSkyscraper

Question 8: A corner reflector is a retroreflector consisting of three mutually perpendicular, intersecting flat surfaces, which reflects ________ back towards the source.
Electromagnetic radiationClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetismMaxwell's equations


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