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Question 1: Together with the lens, the cornea ________ light, accounting for approximately two-thirds of the eye's total optical power.
MetamaterialOpticsRefractionRefractive index

Question 2: The ________ of the lens, on the other hand, can be adjusted to "tune" the focus depending upon the object's distance.
Frenet–Serret formulasGaussian curvatureCurvaturePrincipal curvature

Question 3: The corneal endothelium is bathed by aqueous humour, not by ________ or lymph, and has a very different origin, function, and appearance from vascular endothelia.) Unlike the corneal epithelium the cells of the endothelium do not regenerate.
PlateletRed blood cellBloodBlood plasma

Question 4: Corneal nerves of the subepithelial layer terminate near superficial epithelial layer of the cornea in a ________ pattern.
Pedal curveTangentLogarithmic spiralComplex number

Question 5: The human cornea, like those of other ________, has five layers; the corneas of cats, dogs, wolves, and other carnivores only have four.
PrimateHominidaeMammalOld World monkey

Question 6: In fish, and aquatic vertebrates in general, the cornea plays no role in focusing light, since it has virtually the same ________ as water.
OpticsRefractive indexDispersion (optics)Metamaterial

Question 7: Corneal epithelium: a thin epithelial multicellular tissue layer (non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium) of fast-growing and easily-regenerated cells, kept moist with ________.
TearsNasolacrimal ductKeratoconjunctivitis siccaCrying

Question 8: [8]They are parallel and are superimposed like book pages The corneal stroma consists of approximately 200 layers of type I ________ fibrils.
CollagenKeratinLysyl hydroxylaseCollagen, type I, alpha 1

Question 9: The cornea is the transparent front part of the ________ that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber.
BrainEyeNervous systemSensory system

Question 10: In many of the techniques used today, reshaping of the cornea is performed by photoablation using the excimer ________.
LaserX-rayHeliumLaser applications


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