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Corked bat: Quiz


Question 1: Crushed cork, ________, sawdust, or other similar material is compacted into the hole and the end is typically patched up with glue and sawdust.
Super Ball!!Bouncy ballWham-OThe Price Is Right

Question 2: In ________, a corked bat is a specially modified baseball bat that has been filled with cork or similar light, less dense substances to make the bat lighter without losing much power.
BaseballTown ballBaseball awardsSoftball

Question 3: In ________, modifying a bat with foreign substances and using it in play is illegal and subject to ejection and further punishment.
American LeagueNational LeagueMajor League BaseballBaseball awards

Question 4: According to the ________ August 8, 2007 baseball special, the ball hit by a corked bat travels at only half the speed of a ball hit by an unmodified bat, causing it to go a shorter distance.
MythBusters (2005 season)MythBusters (2008 season)MythBustersMythBusters (2007 season)

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