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Corinth, Mississippi: Quiz


Question 1: Corinth is a city in Alcorn County, ________, United States.
AlabamaGeorgia (U.S. state)MississippiFlorida

Question 2: ________ to Corinth as well and concentrated their forces in the city.
Ulysses S. GrantUnion ArmyAmerican Civil WarWilliam Rosecrans

Question 3: Corinth's location at the junction of two railroads made it strategically important to the Confederacy during the ________.
Bleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesTennessee

Question 4: U.S. Highway 45 - runs north-south from Lake Superior to the ________
Gulf of MexicoAtlantic OceanMediterranean SeaCaribbean Sea

Question 5: Its ________ are 38834 and 38835.
ZIP codeWashington, D.C.AtlantaDenver

Question 6: Moores Creek site - a ________ Native American site from 3000 to 3500 B.C.
Ancient historyPrehistoryStone AgeEarly modern period

Question 7: Gibson, who suggested the name of ________, named for the city in Greece that also served as a crossroads.
AthensEphesusCorinthAncient Corinth

Question 8: Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard retreated to Corinth after the ________, pursued by Union Major General Henry W. Halleck.
Battle of Fort DonelsonBattle of ShilohWestern Theater of the American Civil WarBattle of Chickamauga

Question 9: ________ attempted to retake the city.
Braxton BraggEarl Van DornAmerican Civil WarUlysses S. Grant

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