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Question 1: switching functionality may decide based on the "called number" that the call be routed towards a subscriber within this operator's network or with ________ more prevalent to another operator's network.
Local number portabilityCyprusUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Technologies used in the core and backbone facilities are data link layer and network layer technologies such as SONET, ________, ATM, IP, etc.
Wavelength-division multiplexingMedia Access ControlMultiplexingOrthogonal frequency-division multiple access

Question 3: ________: The function to decide whether the user requesting a service from the telecom network is authorized to do so within this network or not.
PasswordSecurity tokenAuthenticationTwo-factor authentication

Question 4: A core network is the basic part of a ________ network that provides various services to customers who are connected by the access network.
4GSmartphoneMobile phoneUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System

Question 5: Core/backbone network usually has a ________ that provides any-to-any connections among devices on the network.
OLPC XO-1Mesh networkingMobile ad hoc networkWireless mesh network

Question 6: Subscriber Database: Core network also hosts the ________ database (e.g.
Service (economics)Strategic managementBusiness modelSubscription business model

Question 7: For enterprise backbone network, ________ or 10 gigabit Ethernet technologies are also often used.
Fast EthernetEthernet over twisted pairGigabit EthernetIEEE 802.3

Question 8: The IS-41 core network used for D-APMS (TDMA), ________ and CDMA2000.
Cellular networkIS-95Evolution-Data Optimized4G

Question 9: Number of subscribers, ________ call rate, nature of services, geographical preferences are some of the factors which impact the configuration.
Rush hourBostonAtlantaLos Angeles

Question 10: The Mobile Application Part (MAP) used for ________ and UMTS
Universal Mobile Telecommunications SystemNetwork switching subsystemMobile phoneGSM


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