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Core Design: Quiz


Question 1: The studio was part of distribution company CentreGold when it was acquired by ________ in 1996.
Eidos InteractiveSquare EnixSquare Enix EuropeCrystal Dynamics

Question 2: The fourth and fifth games in the franchise, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider: Chronicles respectively, were also released for the Sega ________.
DreamcastSega Master SystemSega SaturnMega Drive

Question 3: The success of Tomb Raider and its subsequent sequels played a huge part in keeping ________ financially solvent.
Crystal DynamicsSquare EnixEidos InteractiveSquare Enix Europe

Question 4: Core Design was a ________ best known today for creating the popular Tomb Raider series.
Video game developerGame programmingGame programmerCasual game

Question 5: The studio was based in ________, a city in the United Kingdom.

Question 6: Core had a brief history of producing titles for the ________ consoles (Thunderhawk for Sega CD was arguably one of a handful of games that took advantage of the platform).
Mitsubishi ElectricSegaNintendoSony


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