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Question 1: Another type of binder process is called the hot-box process, which uses a thermoset and ________ for a binder.

Question 2: First, a core is made from a fusible alloy or low melting temperature ________.
PolymerNylonPolymer chemistryPlastic

Question 3: Core are used for complex injection moldings in the ________ process.
ThermoplasticFusible core injection moldingPlasticBismuth

Question 4: Any rough spots are filed or ________ down.
SandpaperVelcroCoated abrasiveAbrasive

Question 5: More complex single-piece cores can be made in a manner similar to injection moldings and ________.
Casting defectDrossDie castingSand casting

Question 6: [1] They are most commonly used in sand casting, but are also used in ________.
Injection moldingPlasticPolystyrenePolymer

Question 7: Finally, the core is lightly coated with ________, silica, or mica to give a smoother surface finish and greater resistance to heat.
Carbon nanotubeCarbonDiamondGraphite

Question 8: The oldest binder was vegetable oil, however now synthetic oil is used, in conjunction with ________ or clay.

Question 9: For simple cores that have constant cross-sections they can be created on special core-producing ________.
Sheet metalSolderingDrawing (manufacturing)Extrusion

Question 10: ________ gas) or odorous (i.e.


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