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Coralline algae: Quiz


Question 1: Some harvesting of maƫrl beds that span several thousand kilometres off the coast of ________ takes place.
East TimorBrazilMozambiquePortugal

Question 2: Algal ridges are one of the main reef structures that prevent oceanic waves from striking adjacent ________, helping to prevent coastal erosion.
BeachCoral reefCoastEstuary

Question 3: [4] Stem group corallines are reported from the ________ Doushantuo formation.
EdiacaranGeologic time scaleCambrianEdiacara biota

Question 4: Many corallines produce chemicals which promote the settlement of the larvae of certain herbivorous invertebrates, particularly ________.

Question 5: Coralline algae are ________ in the Family Corallinaceae of the order Corallinales.
GlaucophyteRed algaeArchaeplastidaPlant

Question 6: Settlement is also important for ________ aquaculture; corallines appear to enhance larval metamorphosis and the survival of larvae through the critical settlement period.

Question 7: [8] In 1837 Rodolfo Amando Philippi recognized that coralline ________ were not animals and he proposed the two generic names Lithophyllum and Lithothamnion as Lithothamnium.
PlantAlgaeWild fisheriesPhotosynthesis

Question 8: Coralline algae play an important role in the ecology of ________.
Tide poolEstuarySalt marshCoral reef

Question 9: ________, parrot fish, limpets (molluscs) and chitons (molluscs) feed on coralline algae.
SquidHerringSea urchinSturgeon

Question 10: The colors of these ________ are most typically pink, or some other shade of red, but some species can be purple, yellow, blue, white or gray-green.
PhotosynthesisAlgaeWild fisheriesPlant


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