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Question 1: The Coral Triangle comprises the highest ________ diversity in the world: 76% (605) of the world’s coral species (798).
Coral reefCoralGorgonianScleractinia

Question 2: These threats are putting at risk livelihoods, economies and future market supplies for species such as ________.
Yellowfin tunaTunaNorthern bluefin tunaWild fisheries

Question 3: More than 3,000 species of fish live in the Coral Triangle, including the largest fish - the whale shark, and the ________.

Question 4: ________ in the Coral Triangle is already having a big impact on coastal ecosystems by warming, acidifying and rising seas.
Little Ice AgeCurrent sea level riseMilankovitch cyclesClimate change

Question 5: Coral Triangle reefs have experienced severe mass ________ and mortality events as temperatures have periodically soared.
ZooxanthellaCoral bleachingCoral reefGreat Barrier Reef

Question 6: The Coral Triangle has 15 regionally endemic coral species, and shares 41 regional endemic species with ________.

Question 7: The reasons provided for the Coral Triangle’s high levels of ________ include:
Conservation biologyBiodiversityNatureEcology

Question 8: While coastal ________ are facing enormous pressures from both local and global factors, many areas within ecological resilience and are therefore among the most likely to survive the challenging times ahead.
Systems ecologyEcologyEcosystemEcosystem ecology

Question 9: Regional centers of endemism in the Coral Triangle include the Sulu Sea and North ________/Savu Sea in Indonesia, and Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea.
East Nusa TenggaraMaluku IslandsLesser Sunda IslandsTimor


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