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Coral Sea: Quiz


Question 1: The Coral Sea is a marginal sea off the north-east coast of ________.
BarbadosCanadaAustraliaUnited Kingdom

Question 2: In addition, some islands west of and belonging to New Caledonia are also part of the Coral Sea Islands in a geographical sense, such as the ________ and Bellona Reefs.
NouméaChesterfield IslandsLoyalty IslandsSouth Province, New Caledonia

Question 3: [2] The sea is ecologically an important source of coral for the ________, both during its formation and after sea level lowering.
Great Barrier ReefCoral reefCoral Sea IslandsCoral reef fish

Question 4: Sunday Herald Sun (________): pp. Sunday magazine supplement (pp.
News LimitedNews CorporationRupert MurdochFoxtel

Question 5: The sea was the location for the Battle of the Coral Sea, major confrontation during World War II between the navies of the Empire of Japan, and the United States and ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomBarbadosAustralia

Question 6: It is bounded in the west by the east coast of Queensland, thereby including the ________, in the east by Vanuatu (formerly the New Hebrides) and by New Caledonia, and in the north approximately by the southern extremity of the Solomon Islands.
Coral Sea IslandsGreat Barrier ReefCoral reefCoral reef fish

Question 7: While the Great Barrier Reef with its islands and cays belong to Queensland, most reefs and islets east of it are part of the ________.
The Reef Ball FoundationAtollCoral Sea IslandsCoral reef


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