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Cor anglais (English horn): Quiz


Question 1:
What mountain range is Cor anglais (English horn) a part of?

Question 2: Whereas the oboe is the soprano instrument of the oboe family, the cor anglais is generally regarded as the alto member of the family, and the oboe d'amore, pitched between the two in the key of A, as the ________ member.

Question 3: ________'s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (Film Score)
Naked Lunch (film)Howard ShoreThe Fly (1986 film)David Cronenberg

Question 4:
Which of the following names does Cor anglais (English horn) go by?
Danny Holliday
The Super Destroyers
English horn

Question 5: ________'s Nocturnes (1899) ("Nuages")
Frédéric ChopinHector BerliozMaurice RavelClaude Debussy

Question 6: ________'s Quiet City for trumpet, English horn, and string orchestra (1940) †
Agnes de MilleSergei ProkofievAaron CoplandIgor Stravinsky

Question 7: ________'s Harold in Italy (1834)
Franz LisztRichard WagnerFrédéric ChopinHector Berlioz

Question 8: ________'s Roman Carnival Overture (1844)
Franz LisztRichard WagnerFrédéric ChopinHector Berlioz

Question 9: ________'s Symphony No. 11 in G minor (1957) (4th movement)
Sviatoslav RichterMstislav RostropovichDmitri ShostakovichIgor Stravinsky

Question 10: The cor anglais is a transposing instrument pitched in F, a perfect fifth lower than the oboe (a C instrument), and is consequently approximately one and a half times the length of the ________.
OboeBassoonOboe d'amoreCor anglais (English horn)


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