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Question 1: The Persian settlement was called Babylon, reminiscent of the ancient city along the ________, and it gained importance while the nearby city of Memphis declined, as did Heliopolis.
SumerAkkadian EmpireIraqEuphrates

Question 2: [1] Coptic Cairo was a stronghold for ________ in Egypt until the Islamic era, though most of the current buildings of the churches in Coptic Cairo were built after the Muslim conquest of Egypt.
ChristianityEcumenismBaptistChristian denomination

Question 3: As the Christian communities in Egypt grew, they were subjected to persecution by the Romans, under Emperor ________ around 300 AD, and the persecution continued following the Edict of Milan that declared religious toleration.
Constantine IDiocletianGaleriusMaximian

Question 4: The Holy Family visited the area during the ________, seeking refuge from Herod.
Flight into EgyptSaint JosephJesusBiblical Magi

Question 5: [7] ________ reopened the canal to the Red Sea, bringing increased trade, though Egypt remained a backwater as far as the Romans were concerned.
HadrianNervaTrajanMarcus Aurelius

Question 6: The Persians also built a canal from the ________ (at Fustat) to the Red Sea.
White NileEgyptAlexandriaNile

Question 7: [5] Christianity began to spread in Egypt when St. Mark arrived in ________, becoming the first Patriarch, though the religion remained underground during the rule of the Romans.
Alexander the GreatGreeceAlexandriaAncient Greece


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