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Question 1: The Bible also refers to the importance of copper: "Men know how to mine silver and refine gold, to dig ________ from the earth and melt copper from stone" (Job.

Question 2: There are two stable copper oxides, ________ (CuO) and copper(I) oxide (Cu2O).
Copper(II) chlorideCopper(II) sulfateCopper(II) oxideCopper(I) chloride

Question 3: A green layer of copper carbonate, called verdigris, can often be seen on old copper constructions, such as the ________.
Grant's TombStatue of LibertyGovernors IslandAdirondack Park

Question 4: The other 27 isotopes are ________ and do not occur naturally.
Nuclear fissionNuclear fusionGamma rayRadioactive decay

Question 5: As a component in ceramic glazes, and to color ________.
Cranberry glassBorosilicate glassGlassMACOR

Question 6: It has excellent ________ and soldering properties and can also be welded, although best results are obtained with gas metal arc welding.
BrazingForgingSheet metalMetalworking

Question 7: Coins in the following countries all contain copper: European Union (________),[43] United States,[43][44] United Kingdom (sterling),[45] Australia[46] and New Zealand.
EurozoneEuropean Central BankEuroDanish krone

Question 8: [5] By 5000 BC, there are signs of copper smelting: the refining of copper from simple copper compounds such as malachite or ________.
Lapis lazuliNickelineCrystal habitAzurite

Question 9: As a biostatic surface in hospitals, and to line parts of ships to protect against ________ and mussels, originally used pure, but superseded by Muntz metal.

Question 10: In 1801 Paul Revere established America's first copper rolling mill in ________.
Randolph, MassachusettsQuincy, MassachusettsBraintree, MassachusettsCanton, Massachusetts

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