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Coping skill: Quiz


Question 1: ________ or discussing the stress with a friend are all emotion-based coping strategies.

Question 2: Other examples include ________, repression, wishful thinking, distraction, relaxation, reappraisal, and humor.
DenialPassive–aggressive behaviorMinimisation (psychology)Cognitive distortion

Question 3: Overuse of coping mechanisms (such as avoiding problems or working obsessively) and ________ (such as denial and projection) may exacerbate one's problem rather than remedy it.
Identification (psychodynamic)Reaction formationDefence mechanismProjective identification

Question 4: A coping skill is a behavioral tool which may be used by individuals to offset or overcome adversity, disadvantage, or ________ without correcting or eliminating the underlying condition.
Disability rights movementDisabilityMental disorderBlindness

Question 5: Examples of action-based coping include planning, suppression of competing activities, confrontation, ________, and restraint.
Self controlReinforcementExecutive functionsB. F. Skinner

Question 6: ________, cocaine and other drugs may provide temporary escape from one's problems, but, with excess use, ultimately result in greater problems.

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