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Copepod: Quiz


Question 1: In some copepods the problem is solved by ________ chemicals emitted by the swimming female, which leaves a trail in the water that the male can follow to locate the female.

Question 2:
What is the subphylum of Copepod?

Question 3:
What classis does Copepod belong to?

Question 4: Many species have neurons surrounded by myelin (for increased conduction speed), which is very rare among invertebrates (other examples are some ________ and malacostracan crustaceans like palaemonid shrimp and penaeids).

Question 5:
What is the subclassis of Copepod?

Question 6: Their moulted exoskeletons, faecal pellets and respiration at depth all bring ________ to the deep sea.

Question 7: They are scavengers and also may feed on algae, including ________.
Coral reefCoralline algaeRugosaScleractinia

Question 8: The sensors are highly specialized for sensitivity and the nerves are even ________ for fast conduction.
Nervous systemNeuronMyelinSchwann cell

Question 9: Planktonic copepods are important to global ecology and the ________.
Carbon dioxideGreenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon cycle

Question 10: Copepods (pronounced /ˈkoʊpəˌpɒdz/) are a group of small ________ found in the sea and nearly every freshwater habitat.

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