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Coordination geometry: Quiz


Question 1:
________ may be used to explain the relative stabilities of transition metal compounds of different coordination geometry, as well as the presence or absence of paramagnetism.
Crystal field theoryCoordination complexAmmoniaLigand

Question 2: The geometrical arrangement will vary according to the number and type of ligands bonded to the metal centre, and to the coordination preference of the central atom, typically a metal in a ________.
ElectrochemistryChemistryInorganic chemistryCoordination complex

Question 3:
________ may be used for complexes of main group element to predict geometry.
OxygenMolecular geometryVSEPR theoryTrigonal pyramidal molecular geometry

Question 4: [2]
One of the most common coordination geometries is octahedral, where six ligands are coordinated to the metal in a symmetrical distribution, leading to the formation of an ________ if lines were drawn between the ligands.

Question 5: The geometrical pattern can be described as a ________ where the vertices of the polyhedron are the centres of the coordinating atoms in the ligands.

Question 6: In the field of inorganic coordination complexes it is the geometrical pattern formed by the atoms in the ligands that are bonded to the central atom in a molecule or a ________.
Coordination complexInorganic chemistryElectrochemistryChemistry


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