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Coordinated Universal Time: Quiz


Question 1: [2] Leap seconds are used to allow UTC to closely track UT1, which is mean solar time at the ________.
Royal Observatory, GreenwichImperial War MuseumBarbican CentreNational Maritime Museum

Question 2: In the past, the FCC required all amateur radio operators in the ________ to log their radio conversations.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines

Question 3: UTC does not change with a change of seasons, but local time or civil time may change if a time zone jurisdiction observes ________ or summer time.
Daylight saving timeComplication (horology)Coordinated Universal TimeRadio clock

Question 4: The first ________ occurred on 30 June 1972.
Leap secondDayCoordinated Universal TimeRadio clock

Question 5: For most common and legal-trade purposes, the fractional second difference between UTC and UT (GMT) is inconsequentially small, so UTC is often called GMT, for example by the ________, although that usage is ambiguous.
BBCTG4Raidió Teilifís ÉireannNorwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Question 6: In particular, the ________, which is designed to synchronise the clocks of many computers over the Internet (usually to that of a known accurate atomic clock), uses UTC.
Network Time ProtocolSecure ShellInternet Relay ChatIPsec

Question 7: However, it was widely desired to keep civil time synchronised with the Earth's rotation, and many uses of time signals (such as for ________) relied on their closely matching Universal Time.
NavigationCompassGlobal Positioning SystemAmateur radio direction finding

Question 8: Therefore, ________ from clocks with a known relation to the geoid is used to provide UTC, when required, on locations such as that of spacecraft.
SatelliteConsultative Committee for Space Data SystemsSpaceflightTelemetry

Question 9: W3C Specification about UTC Date and Time and ________ Internet standard RFC 3339, based on ISO 8601
Internet Engineering Steering GroupInternet Architecture BoardInternet Engineering Task ForceRequest for Comments

Question 10: In 1955, the ________ atomic clock was invented.


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