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Question 1: He spoke in 1960s-style ________ slang and acted much like a stereotypical laid-back 1960s teenager — he was often seen strumming a guitar or traveling cross-country in his dune buggy.
BeatnikAllen GinsbergJack KerouacBeat Generation

Question 2: Rimfire essentially acted as the Elmer Fudd to Cool Cat's ________, but was used only by Lovy.
Daffy DuckWarner Bros. CartoonsBugs BunnyLooney Tunes

Question 3: His appearances aren't entirely overlooked by the cast, for Tweety has once responded to Cool Cat's appearance with "We had to get him in this cartoon somewhere." He was voiced by Joe Alaskey and ________ in these later appearances.
Cartoon All-Stars to the RescueThe Tigger MoviePooh's Heffalump MovieJim Cummings

Question 4: Unlike most other ________ characters, Cool Cat was unapologetically a product of his time.
Merrie MelodiesWarner Bros. CartoonsLooney TunesWhat's New, Scooby-Doo?

Question 5: Cool Cat is a fictional cartoon character created by director Alex Lovy for ________ in the 1960s.
Merrie MelodiesWarner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros. CartoonsLooney Tunes

Question 6: However, most of Cool Cat's cartoons dealt with his encounters with Colonel Rimfire (also voiced by Storch), a fussy, British-accented big-game ________ armed with a blunderbuss.
RaccoonHuntingGray WolfRed Fox

Question 7: Cool Cat was a Tiger (whose design was very similar to that of The Pink Panther, who first appeared on screen four years earlier, and ________) who wore a stylish green beret and scarf.
Wake, Rattle, and RollThe Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry HoundSnagglepussLaff-A-Lympics

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