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Question 1: Examples include a set of circuit designs in ________, a book of magic spells, or the Anarchist Cookbook, a set of instructions on destruction and living outside the law.
ElectronicsEngineeringElectrical engineeringElectronic engineering

Question 2: Both styles of cookbook have additional recipe groupings such as ________, sweets.
Medieval cuisineSoupGreek cuisineBreakfast

Question 3: A cookbook is a ________ that contains information on cooking.

Question 4: [1] An abbreviated epitome entitled Apici Excerpta a Vinidario, a "pocket Apicius" by Vinidarius, "an illustrious man",[2] was made in the ________ era.
Charles the SimpleCarolingian dynastyLouis the YoungerCharlemagne

Question 5: The earliest collection of recipes that has survived in Europe is De re coquinaria, written in ________.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 6: De honesta voluptate et valetudine (1475) by ________ - the first cookbook printed in a native language (Italian) in 1487
Bartolomeo PlatinaPope Callixtus IIICatholic ChurchRome

Question 7: What’s the Recipe? - Our hunger for cookbooks., Adam Gopnik, ________, 2009.
The New YorkerVanity Fair (magazine)GrantaHarper's Magazine

Question 8: Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961) by ________
Julie & JuliaBill CosbyPublic Broadcasting ServiceJulia Child

Question 9: The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook (1954) by ________
Alice B. ToklasGertrude SteinHenri MatisseCannabis foods

Question 10: While western cookbooks usually group recipes for main courses by the main ingredient of the dishes, Japanese cookbooks usually group them by cooking techniques (e.g., fried foods, steamed foods, and ________ foods).
Smoking (cooking)GrillingBakingBarbecue

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