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Convolvulaceae: Quiz


Question 1: ________ L. - Morning glory, Sweet potato
Ipomoea hederifoliaIpomoeaIpomoea tricolorHawaiian baby woodrose

Question 2: Moreover, another group of compounds, loline alkaloids, commonly produced by some members of the clavicipitaceous fungi (genus ________), has been identified in a Convolvulaceae species, but the origin of the loline alkaloids in this species is unknown.

Question 3: The identified fungus appears to be a seed-transmitted obligate ________ growing epiphytically on its host.
ToxoplasmosisDirofilaria immitisCatParasitism

Question 4: sweet potato and water spinach), and the seeds are exploited for their medicinal value as ________.

Question 5: They can be recognized by their funnel-shaped radially symmetrical corolla; the floral formula for the family has 5 sepals, 5 fused petals, 5 epipetalous stamens (stamens fused to the petals), and a 2 part syncarpous and superior ________.
GynoeciumPollenArchegoniumFlowering plant

Question 6: [1] This finding strongly suggests that the unique presence of ergoline alkaloids in some species of the family Convolvulaceae is due to ________ with clavicipitaceous fungi.
Biological interactionSymbiosisParasitismMutualism (biology)

Question 7: The presence of ergolines in some species of this family is due to infection by fungi related to the ergot fungi of the genus ________.
Lysergic acid diethylamideErgotClaviceps purpureaErgine

Question 8: ________) and as troublesome weeds (e.g.
LysergamidesMorning gloryLysergic acid hydroxyethylamideLysergic acid diethylamide

Question 9: Cuscuteae (sometimes classified as a separate family ________).
Flowering plantPlantCuscutaCuscuta approximata

Question 10: Some species contain ________ alkaloids that are likely responsible for the use of these species as ingredients in psychedelic drugs (e.g.
ErgolineLysergic acid hydroxyethylamideLysergic acid diethylamideErgine

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