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Question 1: The literature frequently laps over into that of ________.
TrespassConversion (law)TroverDetinue

Question 2: Bullen and Leake, Precedents of ________ (3rd ed., 1868, 6th ed.
Class actionLawsuitDiscovery (law)Pleading

Question 3: (See infra.) Many questions concerning joint ownership in enterprises such as a ________ belong in equity, and do not rise to the level of a conversion.
Limited partnershipBusinessPartnershipCompanies law

Question 4: [26] It became necessary to invent a new writ which covered the gap between action in trespass which lay for the wrongful taking of a chattel, and ________ which lay for its wrongful detention.
Privacy lawTroverDetinueConversion (law)

Question 5: The remedy for conversion is usually in the form of ________ equal to the fair market value of the chattel at the time of conversion.
DamagesJudgment (law)PleadingDeposition (law)

Question 6: Both tangible items and intangible property can be the subject of a claim for conversion in ________.
United StatesUnited States courts of appealsLaw of the United StatesSupreme Court of the United States

Question 7: Lewin, on ________ (I ith ed., 1904)
Will (law)Trust lawShariaTrusts and estates

Question 8: [21][22] The action probably developed because there was no equivalent form of action in ________ to the Roman law rei vindicatio.
Contemporary Welsh LawNorthern Ireland lawEnglish lawScots law

Question 9: [38] In 1756, ________ stated in Cooper v. Chitty:
Spencer PercevalRobert WalpoleWilliam Murray, 1st Earl of MansfieldBonar Law

Question 10: [2] Its ________ counterpart is theft.

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