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Question 1: These two succulent plant genera, ________
and Astrophytum, are only distantly
related, but have independently converged
on a very similar body form.
EuphorbiaFlowering plantEuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia lathyris

Question 2: One of the most famous examples of convergent evolution is the camera eye of ________ (e.g.

Question 3: Although their last common ancestor did not have wings, birds and ________ do, and are capable of powered flight.
Even-toed ungulatePrimateBatMammal

Question 4: Evolutionary relay describes how independent species acquire similar characteristics through their evolution in similar ecosystems at different times—for example the dorsal fins of extinct ________ and sharks.
DinosaurPlesiosaurusGeologic time scaleIchthyosaur

Question 5: ________ describes many of the same examples as parallel evolution starting from the common ancestor of all marsupials and placentals.
Evolutionary biologyRichard DawkinsStephen Jay GouldDawkins vs. Gould

Question 6: Parallel evolution occurs when two independent species evolve together at the same time in the same ________ and acquire similar characteristics—for instance extinct browsing-horses and paleotheres.

Question 7: Bat and pterodactyl wings are an example of analogous structures, while the bat wing is homologous to ________ and other mammal forearms, sharing an ancestral state despite serving different functions.
HumanHominidaeMindHuman evolution


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