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Conventional warfare: Quiz


Question 1: Carl von Clausewitz, one of Prussia's officers, wrote ________, a work rooted solely in the world of the state.
Military strategyNapoleonic WarsTotal warOn War

Question 2: Thus, ________ has replaced the state as the locus of war.
FamilySlaveryCultureHuman rights

Question 3: ________
Vietnam WarViet Cong and PAVN battle tacticsTet OffensiveViet Cong and PAVN strategy, organization and structure

Question 4: Western, Islamic, Sinic, ________ etc.

Question 5: Clausewitz also forwarded the issue of ________.
SerbiaGermanyCasus belliGulf War

Question 6: In 1648, the powers of ________ signed the Treaty of Westphalia which ended the religious violence for purely political governance and outlook, signifying the birth of the modern 'state'.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

Question 7: The state and Clausewitzian principles peaked in the ________ of the 20th century, but also laid the groundwork for their dilapidation due to nuclear proliferation and the manifestation of culturally aligned conflict.
World warSocietal collapseEnd timeRisks to civilization, humans and planet Earth

Question 8: European monarchs then gained power as the Catholic Church was stripped of temporal power and was replaced by the ________.
Magna CartaAbsolute monarchyMonarchyDivine right of kings

Question 9: Whereas previously any noble could start a war, the monarchs of Europe of necessity consolidated military power in response to the ________.
First French EmpireNapoleonic WarsGrande ArméeNapoleon I

Question 10: Nuclear warfare has only occurred once with the United States bombing the Japanese cities of ________ and Nagasaki in August 1945.
TokyoFukuyama, HiroshimaKure, HiroshimaHiroshima


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