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Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination: Quiz


Question 1: [41] This includes a right to a legal remedy and ________ for injury suffered due to discrimination.
PleadingDeposition (law)DamagesJudgment (law)

Question 2: ________ reserves the right not to apply the Convention to any restriction on the alienation of land held by indigenous Tongans.
AustraliaSolomon IslandsTuvaluTonga

Question 3: Article 4 of the Convention condemns propaganda and organizations which attempt to justify discrimination or are based on the idea of racial ________.
SupremacismRacismAnti-ArabismRacial segregation

Question 4: ________ and Switzerland reserve the right to apply their own legal principles on the entry of foreigners into their labour markets.
SpainMonacoVatican CityAndorra

Question 5: This definition does not distinguish between discrimination based on ________ and discrimination based on race, in part because the distinction between the ethnicity and race remains debatable among anthropologists.
MoresIndigenous peoplesSouth Asian ethnic groupsEthnic group

Question 6: Article 22 further allows any dispute over the interpretation or application of the Convention to be referred to the ________.
International Court of JusticeUniversal jurisdictionUNESCOUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 7: A second-generation human rights instrument, the Convention commits its members to the elimination of ________ and the promotion of understanding among all races.
Ethnic cleansingRacial segregationRacismSouth Africa under apartheid

Question 8: 'Nigger' Brown Stand" (named in honour of 1920s ________ player Edward Stanley Brown) at a Toowoomba sports field was racially offensive and should be removed.
Rugby footballRugby leagueFootballAmerican football

Question 9: The ________ does not regard the Convention as creating any obligation incompatible with the United States Constitution.
United StatesLanguages of the United StatesAlaskaPhilippines

Question 10: Parties are obliged "when the circumstances so warrant" to use ________ policies for specific racial groups to guarantee "the full and equal enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms".
Affirmative actionMalaysiaUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

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