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Question 1: In April 2007, Prime Minister ________ made a cermemonial offering to the shrine, but did not actually visit himself.
Shinzō AbeJunichiro KoizumiTaro AsoYasuo Fukuda

Question 2: It is a shrine to war dead who served the ________ during wars from 1867–1951.
Emperor MeijiAkihitoEmperor of JapanHirohito

Question 3: The Indian Justice ________ found that due to the significant procedural flaws of the proceedings, that the court was an invalid form of victor's justice and revenge.
Nobusuke KishiInternational Military Tribunal for the Far EastRadhabinod PalJapanese war crimes

Question 4: China, ________, South Korea and Taiwan have protested against various visits since 1985.
North KoreaKorean PeninsulaVietnamKorean People's Navy

Question 5: Of those, 14 are convicted Class A war criminals ("________").
GenocideCrime against humanityCrime against peaceNuremberg Trials

Question 6: A demonstration was organized by a group of more than one hundred Japanese ________ to block them from the shrine and prevent them from performing spirit-calling religious rituals within the property the Shrine objected.
Anti-nationalismLeft-wing nationalismNationalismFascism

Question 7: The shrine enshrines and, according to ________ beliefs, provides a permanent residence for the spirits of those who have fought on behalf of the emperor, regardless of whether they died in combat.
ReligionReligion and homosexualityEast Asian religionsShinto

Question 8: The former Prime Minister ________ vowed never to visit the shrine, a commitment applauded by Japan's Asian neighbors.
Taro AsoShinzō AbeJunichiro KoizumiYasuo Fukuda

Question 9: It was subsequently moved to the shrine by Japan following the ________ of 1905 over Korea.
First Sino-Japanese WarScramble for AfricaBoxer RebellionRusso-Japanese War

Question 10: In the ________, the separation of state and religion is explicit.
Emperor of JapanPrime Minister of JapanPolitics of JapanConstitution of Japan


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