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Controlled vocabulary: Quiz


Question 1: In the 1980s, the first ________ databases appeared; these databases contain the full text of the index articles as well as the bibliographic information.
Full text searchControlled vocabularyIndex (search engine)Web search engine

Question 2: Worldwide the most popular of these team sports is Association football, which also happens to be called ________ in several countries.
Olympic GamesAssociation footballAssociation football around the worldRugby union

Question 3: These irrelevant items (________) are often caused by the inherent ambiguity of natural language.
Bayesian inferenceType I and type II errorsNull hypothesisStatistical hypothesis testing

Question 4: In large organizations, controlled vocabularies may be introduced to improve ________.
Technical writingSociety for Technical CommunicationTechnical communicationTranslation

Question 5: Web searching could be dramatically improved by the development of a controlled vocabulary for describing Web pages; the use of such a vocabulary could culminate in a ________, in which the content of Web pages is described using a machine-readable metadata scheme.
Web Ontology LanguageSemantic WebOntology (information science)Resource Description Framework

Question 6: They were initially developed in ________.
Library scienceSocial sciencesLibrarianArchive

Question 7: The English language word football is also applied to Rugby football (Rugby union and rugby league), ________, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, and Canadian football.
Arena footballTouch football (American)Gridiron footballAmerican football

Question 8: In ________ controlled vocabulary is a carefully selected list of words and phrases, which are used to tag units of information (document or work) so that they may be more easily retrieved by a search.
Social sciencesLibrary scienceLibrarianArchive

Question 9: They are used in ________ schemes, subject headings, thesauri and taxonomies.
Subject indexingFull text searchFolksonomyControlled vocabulary


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