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Controllable pitch propeller: Quiz


Question 1: A CPP does not produce more or less wear or stress on the ________ or propulsion engine than an FPP.
Drive shaftDifferential (mechanical device)Transmission (mechanics)Automobile layout

Question 2: A CPP can mostly be found on harbour or ocean-going tugs, dredgers, ________, ferries, cargo vessels and larger fishing vessels that sail to ports with limited or no tug assistance.
Passenger shipTrain ferryCruise shipOcean liner

Question 3: The increased maneuverability can eliminate the need for docking ________ while berthing.
TugboatOil tankerBulk carrierFerry

Question 4: A controllable pitch propeller (CPP) or variable pitch propeller is a special type of ________ with blades that can be rotated around their long axis to change their pitch.
Jet enginePropellerPropeller (aircraft)Steamboat

Question 5: Such propellers are used in ________ to adapt the propeller to different thrust levels and air speeds so that the propeller blades don't stall, hence degrading the propulsion system's efficiency.
Constant speed propellerCounter-rotating propellersScimitar propellerPropeller (aircraft)


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