Contract: Quiz

Question 1: One early example is found in ________.
Balfour v BalfourEnglish contract lawDistinguishMerritt v Merritt

Question 2: Some jurisdictions, notably ________, Israel and India, imply a term of good faith into contracts.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 3: [11] An objective perspective means that it is only necessary that somebody gives the impression of offering or accepting contractual terms in the eyes of a ________, not that they actually did want to form a contract.
FraudTortReasonable personNegligence

Question 4: But the court of appeal held that it would appear to a ________ that Carbolic had made a serious offer, primarily because of the reference to the £1000 deposited into the bank.
NegligenceReasonable personFraudTort

Question 5: A ________ is "[a]ny provision forming part of a contract".
Contractual termConsumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000Exclusion clauseMisrepresentation

Question 6: More generally, writers have propounded ________ and feminist interpretations of contract.
DialecticKarl MarxDialectical materialismMarxism

Question 7: Contract law is based on the principle expressed in the ________ phrase pacta sunt servanda (usually translated "pact s must be kept", but more literally "agreements are to be kept").
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 8: Consideration is known as 'the price of a promise' and is a controversial requirement for contracts under ________.
Common lawCivil law (legal system)Reception statuteSharia

Question 9: scholars have been at the forefront of developing economic theories of contract focussing on questions of ________ and so-called 'efficient breach' theory.
EconomicsNew institutional economicsRonald CoaseTransaction cost

Question 10: However, a party unjustly enriched by an unenforceable contract may be required to provide restitution for ________.
LawUnjust enrichmentDuressCommon law

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