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Continuum mechanics: Quiz


Question 1: If we take the ________ point of view, it can be shown that the balance laws of mass, momentum, and energy for a solid can be written as
Noether's theoremClassical mechanicsLagrangianAction (physics)

Question 2: Physical restrictions on the form of the constitutive relations can be applied by requiring that the ________ be satisfied under all conditions.
ExergyGibbs free energySecond law of thermodynamicsEntropy

Question 3: ________ relations and constitutive equations are needed to complete the system of governing equations.
Rigid bodyKinematicsForceClassical mechanics

Question 4: These physical properties are then represented by ________, which are mathematical objects that have the required property of being independent of coordinate system.
TensorExterior algebraMultilinear algebraMetric tensor

Question 5: ________, as transformations which produce mirror reflections are not possible in nature.
Euclidean spaceManifoldDeterminantOrientation (mathematics)

Question 6: A continuum is a body that can be continually sub-divided into ________ elements with properties being those of the bulk material.
Non-standard analysisInfinitesimalHyperreal numberReal number

Question 7: Continuum mechanics is a branch of mechanics that deals with the analysis of the ________ and the mechanical behavior of materials modeled as a continuum.
Rigid bodyForceClassical mechanicsKinematics

Question 8: The French mathematician ________ was the first to formulate such models in the 19th century, but research in the area continues today.
Siméon Denis PoissonJoseph Louis LagrangeAugustin-Louis CauchyLeonhard Euler

Question 9: Materials, such as solids, liquids and gases, are composed of ________ separated by empty space.

Question 10: Continuum mechanics deals with physical properties of solids and fluids which are independent of any particular ________ in which they are observed.
Cartesian coordinate systemOrthogonal coordinatesSpherical coordinate systemCoordinate system


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