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Continuity Irish Republican Army: Quiz


Question 1: It is alleged that its chief of staff is a ________ man and that a number of other key members are from that county.
Cork (city)LimerickGalwayIreland

Question 2: The leadership of the Continuity IRA is believed to be based in the ________ and Ulster areas.
MunsterLimerickIrelandCork (city)

Question 3: The Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA) is an ________ paramilitary organisation that emerged from a split in the Provisional IRA in 1986.
The TroublesIrish republicanismIrish National Liberation ArmyOfficial Irish Republican Army

Question 4: ________
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Ulster Defence Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Ulster Special Constabulary
Garda Síochána
Irish Army
Territorial Army (United Kingdom)British ArmyRoyal Military PoliceBritish Armed Forces

Question 5: Unionist parties:
Ulster Unionist Party
Progressive Unionist Party
Conservative Party
UK Unionist Party
Traditional Unionist Voice
Democratic Unionist PartyUnited Unionist CoalitionSinn FéinSocial Democratic and Labour Party

Question 6: In addition, other assaults, robbery, tiger kidnapping, extortion, fuel laundering and ________ were undertaken by the group.
United StatesIllegal immigrationAlcoholic beverageSmuggling

Question 7: It is designated as an illegal organisation in the ________ and a designated terrorist organisation in the United Kingdom and the United States.
Republic of IrelandIrish peopleNorthern IrelandMalta

Question 8: Marks turning point as Sinn Féin begins to move towards electoral politics (1981)
Maze Prison escapeOmagh bombingThe TroublesBloody Sunday (1972)

Question 9: ________, in his The Irish Troubles, describes Maguire's opinion in 1986, "abstentionism was a basic tenet of republicanism, a moral issue of principle.
CyprusLondonJ. Bowyer BellUnited States

Question 10: Nationalist parties:
Sinn Féin
Social Democratic & Labour Party
Workers' Party of Ireland
Republican Sinn Féin
Fianna FáilSocialist Party (Ireland)Irish Republican Socialist PartySocialist Workers Party (Ireland)

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