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Continuity (fiction): Quiz


Question 1: ________.,0,5204004.htmlstory. Retrieved 2008-12-21.
KTLALos Angeles TimesChicago TribuneSam Zell

Question 2: Visual errors are instant discontinuities occurring in visual media such as ________ and television.
FilmIndependent filmMovie theaterFilmmaking

Question 3: In ________, continuity has also come to mean a set of contiguous events, sometimes said to be "set in the same universe" (see fictional crossover and fictional universe) or "separate universes" (see intercompany crossover).
Graphic novelComic bookAmerican comic bookComics

Question 4: ________ like 24, in which actors have to appear as if it is the same day for 24 consecutive episodes, have raised public recognition of continuity.
Lost (TV series)Television programSoap operaReality television

Question 5: ________. Retrieved 2008-12-21.
The IndependentThe GuardianThe TimesThe Observer

Question 6: The use of a ________ was standard but has since been replaced by the advent of digital cameras.
Land CameraInstant filmInstant cameraInstax

Question 7: ________. Retrieved 2008-12-21.
ESPN RadioRadio DisneyNational Public RadioFox Sports Radio

Question 8: Continuity is particularly a concern in the production of ________ and television due to the difficulty of rectifying an error in continuity after shooting has wrapped up.
FilmmakingMovie theaterFilmIndependent film

Question 9: It also applies to other art forms, including novels, comics, anime, videogames and ________, though usually on a smaller scale.
AnimationStop motionAnimated cartoonTraditional animation

Question 10: In "The Miller's Tale" in ________'s The Canterbury Tales a door is ripped off its hinges only to be slowly closed again in the next scene.
Geoffrey ChaucerThe Legend of Good WomenTroilus and CriseydeThe Knight's Tale


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